Consumer - Infrared Thermometers

CDNs infrared thermometers provide accurate readings of surface temperature from a distance, so there is no contact between the thermometer and the food or cooking surface being measured. This eliminates the risk of cross-contamination while confirming that cold food stays cold and hot food stays hot.

Now youll be able to know exactly how hot your grill or skillet is, or if the cold side dish you put out for a buffet is staying cold. We also offer an infrared/thermocouple probe thermometer that combines two types of thermometers in one convenient unit.

Instrument Range:
Infrared: -67 to +482F/-55 to +250C

Thermocouple: -67 to +626F/-55 to +330C
NSF approved 4.5" (11.43 cm) probe
Waterproof; shatterproof
2F/1C accuracy
For non-contact surface temperatures
Probe for internal temperatures
Dual function Rapid response
Maximum, minimum and lock for continuous scanning
White light target illumination
Distance:Spot = 2.5:1
Data-hold One-button operation
HACCP check lights & icons
Battery status indication
Food-safe ABS plastic
Stainless steel probe
2 1.5V AAA IEC LR03 Alkaline