Taylor takes temperature seriously. Rely on our full line of thermometers to provide the best solutions to the food service and professional community at every level. Our thermometers fulfill the professional’s market for accuracy and durability and our reputation is built on our legacy of technical expertise and constant monitoring of the changing industry standards.

  * Monitors temperatures of sensitive materials.
* Programmable high & low alarm limits.
* 2 6' glycol-tolerant probes.
* Set temperature ranges for each probe independently.
* Reports violation of set alarms ranges.
* Records a history of alarm breeches, including time and duration.
* Total of 120 alarm records, 60 alarm records per probe.
* 96 hour memory of high and low temperatures.
* Password security feature.
* Temperature range -40°F to 392°F/ -40°C to 200°C.
* Accuracy +/- 1.8°F from 20 to 212°F to 392°F.
* 24 hour clock.
* Operates on 2 AAA batteries (included).

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